A local agent will get you a better price!

Just seen a sale result for my area which was disappointingly low. Sadly the owner used an out of area agent.
A low sales result has the potential to damage future sales in the local area because buyers doing research online will see this outcome and it will lower their expectations.
There are many benefits to using a local area specialist:
1. They know the area, its benefits and how to sell these to potential buyers.
2. They have a database of active buyers and can use this to achieve a sale potentially without even going to market. Such off market sales will often achieve higher prices.
3. They have a financial incentive to push prices to their maximum.
4. They often live in the area they work in, and are personally impacted by lower sale results.
5. They have more time to market the property (as they are not driving miles from another part of town to get here).
6. They have long-term relationships in the area which are built on by working with buyers and sellers – this will expose your property to people not even looking to buy, but who the agent knows would like this type of property. Higher prices are achieved this way too.
Regardless of whether you use me or Harcourts, consider the benefits of using a local agent. After all, the aim of selling your home is to achieve the highest price possible. At least in my view it should be.