Selling Your Place

If you’re selling your home there are three things you need to do:

1. Present the property at its best

2. Promote the property to maximize the number of potential buyers (and make the property available for inspection)

3. Use an agent who is a good negotiator.

If you are only at the point of considering selling, I recommend that you obtain a copy of my guide: How to Sell for a Better Price. It includes hundreds of useful tips and ideas for improving the sale result.  Click here to download the pdf booklet or click on the menu to the right to read online:

Included in the booklet are:

  • The fundamentals of selling your property to achieve the best price.FinalCoverA5
  • The 9 key decisions sellers need to make.
  • How to price your home to appeal to more buyers.
  • How to present your home to look its best
  • A comprehensive Decluttering Checklist
  • 40 tips for pre-sale maintenance
  • 20 Cleaning tips
  • 20 Ideas for improving your front entry
  • 60 suggestions for Staging your Home
  • How to create more competition among buyers.
  • Property listing strategies that deliver results.
  • How to respond to offers.


A few words of advice:

Don’t try to sell your own house, it will more than likely cost you much more in sale price than an agent’s commission. Not to mention the frustrations and inconvenience. Agents are professionals and used to dealing with all types of people.

Use a local agent, because they will know your area better than any agent from outside. They will have a database of people looking in the area. Don’t select the agent solely on the basis of who promises the highest sale price for your property – some agents inflate the potential sale price range to win your business. Instead, choose the agent who justifies their price range with examples of recent comparable sales in the area.

Choose an agent who can demonstrate by examples that they offer professional marketing, and one who has a good track record of sales. Check their testimonials (

Some agents are better negotiators and some try harder to get the highest price. In any case, remember that you are in control. You don’t have to sell your property at any price just because the agent is bullying you to accept an offer.

Sometimes the first offer is the best. When the first flush of buyers sees your home for the first time, there can be a rush to make offers. You may be best to carefully consider the offers that come in early, especially if the market is past its peak.

It is also important to remember that properties sell on the basis of comparison – meaning that your home is compared to others sold in the area in recent times. If your home is overpriced, it won’t sell. An agent that overprices your property just to win the listing is not doing you any favours. At the end of the day, the buyers will want a win as well as you. Don’t try and outsmart the buyers. Most successful transactions are a win/win.

Best wishes for a great outcome on your sale.

Ian Walkley
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