Spring Declutter with a difference!

Here is a great opportunity to clean out your unwanted household goods and at the same time help with fundraising for The Weekend to End Women’s Cancer. Patricia Boadle will be selling donated goods at a Garage Sale on 19th September.

Funds raised will go to support the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute www.endcancer.org.au. A portion (25%) will go to fundraising and the balance will be returned to you (or you can donate the balance too!).


It’s easy….

  • Drop off goods to at any time before the garage sale
  • Label items to be sold at a specific amount
  • Any unlabelled items will be sold at the best price
  • Provide name and contact details with delivered goods

The Garage Sale will be held from 7.00am on Saturday 19th September at 24 Darling Terrace Wakerley

For details email: pboadle@bigpond.com
Phone Pat – 3348 4000 or 0402 717 380