Street Reports

Street Reports are designed to provide useful information to home owners about the property values and sales activity in the street that will assist in consideration regarding timing of selling, and pricing of their home. For buyers, the information supplements other publicly available information to present an overview of a street that may appeal to them.

All information used in the report has been compiled from publicly available data. Governments encourage transparency of information in the property sector, as it helps buyers and sellers understand and make better informed decisions about property.


Barrington Cres, Wakerley

Bisley Place, Wakerley

Feathertail Place, Wakerley/Gumdale

Foxwood Circuit, Wakerley

Gordon Cres, Wakerley

Macquarie St, Wakerley

Springall Place, Wakerley

Torrens Cres, Wakerley

Watervale Parade, Wakerley


Hannah Circuit, Manly West